Welcome to NUcareers Northeastern University's database of career and cooperative education job opportunities.  

What is NUcareers about and who uses it?

  • Northeastern students and alumni who have 0-3 years of work experience can use NUcareers to research and apply for internships and after-graduation jobs.  On-campus recruiting opportunities for graduating students are also available.  
  • Co-op jobs are posted in NUcareers and listed separately from internships and after-graduation jobs.  Application to co-op jobs will be available to most full-time, undergraduate Northeastern students, as well as those students who participate in graduate level co-op programs. Students will research and rank available positions in consultation with their co-op coordinator.  
  • Staff and faculty use NUcareers to communicate with students, alumni and employers to promote and manage career-related events sponsored by Northeastern.
  • Employers use NUcareers to post/promote after-graduation and co-op jobs, review job applications, and manage their participation in career-related events sponsored by Northeastern.  

To log in to NUcareers select the link near the logo (above) that describes you.


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