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Your email address is what uniquely identifies your login account name and thus your ability to view job postings and applications associated to that account name. If you happen to use more than one email address for business, it is suggested that you choose one email as your single login for NUcareers.  This will avoid having to remember multiple logins for different accounts and the siloing of job posting and application management across those accounts.

If you believe you have an account with NU already, use the  Forgot Password feature on the left to reset your password on that existing account and to avoid setting up a duplicate login view.

The registration process below is for individual persons who have not previously had a login account for posting jobs with NU.  Your ability to view posted jobs and associated applications will be aligned to the email address that is set as your login name.  

Requests for new accounts are reviewed within 24-48 hours and, upon approval, your login and password to NUcareers will be emailed to you.

For technical support, click the Request Help link at the top of the screen.

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